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    Three Benefits of Upgrading to synapseRT 9.0

    Does your requirements management software fit your DevOps environment, making clear and expressive requirements practical? Is it capable of communication about changing requirements across the product and across the IT teams in your enterprise? There are hundreds of requirements management tools out there! What makes synapseRT 9.0 better than all of them?

    Simplify Requirements Management with synapseRT 9.0

     As a tester or developer, having clear requirements can enhance the quality of your software projects. It can reduce miscommunication, prevent project failure, and uncover latent errors early. Requirements analysis and management is the first step in the software development lifecycle. Creating and managing clear requirements in today's enterprises, which are on the DevOps journey, is a daunting task. Communicating about the changing requirements across teams is an important capability of an RM software.

    Test case structures and other enhancements come to synapseRT NextGen 8.6

    Many customers have told us they would like to see test case structure during the test execution. synpaseRT NextGen 8.6 is out now with "Test Suite View" in the Test Cycle page! After collecting feedback from our customers, we've added other new features.

    synapseRT NextGen 8.5 is out now!


    Software Testing Magazine contributor prefers synapseRT add-on

    Software testing is an important component in software development. It is difficult to efficiently develop new software without effective testing. JIRA  one of the most popular tools for agile product development  helps development teams easily manage requirements, bugs, and tasks. 

    synapseRT NextGen 8.4 is out now!

    The much-awaited synapseRT NextGen 8.4 is out now with cool integrations and new features. Here is a quick rundown of what's new:

    synapseRT NextGen 8.3 delivers the most requested enhancements

    The new version of synapseRT NextGen, version 8.3, delivers new features and improvements that you've been requesting. At Go2Group, we strive to regularly update our products to meet the customers' needs. In our latest version, released today (8/3/16), we've addressed many of our customers' requests.  

    The key features required in a good test management tool: Test case execution plan

    In part one of this series I described how important a test case tree structure is as a test management tool, and how using a tree structure can benefit a Quality Assurance (QA) team. In this blog, I will introduce the second important activity a QA team performs: the creation of a test case execution plan.

    synapseRT NextGen 8.2 is out now!

    Based on user feedback, we have been able to add features and improve our product quality. In the new release of synapseRT NextGen, version 8.2, we've added important new features and improvements that your team can benefit from.

    synapseRT NextGen 8.1 is out now!

    We know that you are looking for more features in the new release of synapseRT NextGen. This new release, v8.1, comes with some promising features that your team can benefit from.

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