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    Trailblazing at Dreamforce 2017

    Dreamforce 2017 is almost here and we are excited to announce our participation at one of the most informative events of the year: a fun-filled week of inspiration, innovation, imagination, and entertainment.

    JIRA 7.2 delivers the four most requested capabilities, and more

    Atlassian’s new version 7.2 release of JIRA software provides the four capabilities most requested by users. The new release enhances the functionality and features in JIRA. The new features were added in response to feedback and suggestions from JIRA users.  

    How to integrate Perforce and JIRA

    Perforce users often want a tool that can assist with managing bug reporting, tracing modifications to Perforce, and helping a quality assurance team track tickets and changes. JIRA is frequently the tool of choice for providing these capabilities; however, there is no tool within JIRA that natively performs these integrations. In this blog, we'll take a look at a few tools that provide these integration capabilities.

    The new features in Portfolio for JIRA 2.0, and how they will make life easier

    Since its original release in 2014, Portfolio for JIRA has sought to increase visibility of all team efforts across the enterprise. With the 2.0 release of the product, that visibility, as well as the product's integration with JIRA, continues to strengthen. For teams and organizations already using JIRA for project tracking, this is wonderful news.

    Why JIRA governance is essential to coordinate teams

    Although having a powerful workflow management tool can be essential to the management of large development projects, just having an effective tool is not enough. In order to best use the tool (in this case, JIRA), it is important to have the necessary authority to make sure that all team members are using the tool effectively. In short, overall management can suffer without a proper, disciplined approach to the use of the tool.

    iPhone apps for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence are now available

    If your enterprise uses JIRA or Confluence and you wish that you could interact with these tools from your iPhone, you're in luck. Atlassian has announced the availability of JIRA and Confluence for iPhone. News about these and other updates can be seen on the Atlassian Blog.

    Monitoring Atlassian's JIRA using ELK (Part 1)

    Effectively monitoring your servers and applications can make the difference between maintaining a smoothly running organization, or a disaster waiting to happen. In this blog, we'll show you how to use tools from Elastic that work with Atlassian's JIRA to rapidly report on application and server status.

    Highlights of Atlassian's JIRA 7

    There was major buzz at this month’s Atlassian Summit about the release of the much awaited and publicized JIRA 7. You may see a shift in the way you view and use the products, and there are a few significant points we wanted to note: 

    Getting started with Atlassian’s JIRA Portfolio in five easy steps

    Atlassian’s JIRA Portfolio is a project and portfolio management (PPM) tool that provides a single, accurate view for planning and managing initiatives across multiple teams and projects in JIRA. One of the latest plugins for JIRA, it is gaining traction in the enterprise. JIRA Portfolio is available as an add-on for JIRA Server, Cloud, and Data Center.

    Atlassian declared ADLM “leader” alongside IBM and Microsoft in latest report by leading industry analyst firm

    A frequently cited report recently released by a leading industry analyst firm has named Atlassian, alongside industry stalwarts IBM and Microsoft, as one of the ADLM field’s “leaders.”

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