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    A Strategic Partnership with CloudBees® to Bring the Power of DevOps to Businesses Globally

    Enterprises have a big challenge ahead of them. With experts predicting that DevOps is moving towards mainstream implementation, organizations — including federal agencies — are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-velocity and quality software, increase standardization, and implement best practices. Adopting DevOps practices and utilizing automation technology — which aids businesses with their digital transformation process — are more significant now than ever.

    2017 - A Year of Pioneering and Building Relationships

    Twelve months can make a whole lot of difference! This year there was a momentum that strengthened our commitment to help businesses grow. As we wrap up and move forward to more adventures, we look back and reflect upon things that we love to do — making those who believed in us look brilliant.

    In addition to continuous transformation, continuous learning, continuous delivery, continuous integration, and more, this year we focused on being a complete DevOps expert!

    Go2Group year in review

    In a previous blog post, I gave thanks to Go2Group’s employees and partners. Now, as we at Go2Group wrap up the calendar year, I want to thank the most important people to our company: our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. In fact, when we started Go2Group, our singular focus was in bringing additional value to the customer.

    Accelerating Productivity with ConnectALL

    If you are a developer, by now you would have probably worked on some sort of revision control system. What is the benefit of using revision control system? The most obvious benefit is the ability of the system to have an unlimited number of developer/users working on the same code base, without having to constantly move files back and forth. Also, by tracking every version of the files that can help comparing the differences of a particular version. Perforce does an excellent job in combatting the problem of sharing files with advanced version management functionalities.

    As it happened: Go2Group grabs 5 awards at Summit14!

    Go2Group celebrates grabbing five awards at this year's biggest Atlassian conference. The Altassian Summit 2014, that was held in San Jose, CA during the second week of September, was the largest gathering of Atlassian's customers from all over the world. The annual conference was a great success, and thank you to everyone who played a role in making it happen. Go2Group is super excited to receive the awards for all the effort and hard work by the entire team.

    The Future of Java from JavaOne 2014.

    JavaOne was one of the most anticipated technology conferences of this year. The event had many key takeaways from Oracle and Java communities worldwide. Atlassian and our team together, had madness 5 full-days of 360 degree exposure to the core java platform and what it has to offer for our future through excellent keynote and sessions, demos, user groups, receptions, and some great customer interactions.

    Test Case Management and Requirements Traceability in JIRA - Atlassian Summit 2014

    Atlassian Summit 2014 was a stunning experience with 7 breakout sessions, 20 interactive trainings, and 70+ exhibitors sharing knowledge and experiences with the largest gathering of Atlassian customers. It was a right platform for highlights on achievements, new goals and success stories from the Atlassian world. There was live streaming of the event for people to connect virtually, from across the globe. And if you had neither of the options, we have the entire keynote session recording available for you from the Atlassian team.

    JaM 10 – it’s here!

    If you are installing ALM 12 for the first time or upgrading from HP’s ALM Quality centre 10, 11, you are sure to be benefitted immediately from the new and cool features of the software. The features are very attractive and are inclined towards modern application delivery. The application has the capability to build, test and deliver faster than ever with high flexibility to support wide range of technologies. It is a unified platform for delivery software applications and allowing the user’s to function in their unique ALM environment.

    Agile West 2014 – Go2Group and Atlassian Together

    Go2Group and Atlassian together rocked again at Agile West. The expert’s combination has always been a successful one in adding value to customers.

    AUG – Dallas, 2014: Go2Group & Atlassian Together

    Since the start of 2014, two AUG meet ups have been successfully hosted at Dallas, TX. However, the recent one, hosted on May 22 has definitely turned out to be the special one. It was Atlassian and Go2Group together at the meet up, presenting about Confluence and sharing best practice techniques on Atlassian Tools.

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