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    Bring Your Confluence and SharePoint Online Teams Together

    If you’re a fan of the Go2Group blog, you know how important integration solutions are in today’s digital workplace. Sure, in a perfect world everyone would use the same platform. But we live in the real world, where businesses frequently struggle to manage multiple systems and bring together users who are resistant to learning new tools and changing the way they work.

    Smart administrators and managers understand that the solution to this problem isn’t migration. It’s integration. That’s why Communardo created the SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence. This powerful, yet simple integration app enables your teams to work as one using whichever system they prefer.

    Concurrent editing in Confluence 6.0


    Collaborative Editing

    With Confluence 6.0 just around the corner, Atlassian has just released their first public milestone for Confluence 6.0.  

    Collaborative editing in Confluence has brought the tool to the heights of Google Docs.

    iPhone apps for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence are now available

    If your enterprise uses JIRA or Confluence and you wish that you could interact with these tools from your iPhone, you're in luck. Atlassian has announced the availability of JIRA and Confluence for iPhone. News about these and other updates can be seen on the Atlassian Blog.

    Atlassian declared ADLM “leader” alongside IBM and Microsoft in latest report by leading industry analyst firm

    A frequently cited report recently released by a leading industry analyst firm has named Atlassian, alongside industry stalwarts IBM and Microsoft, as one of the ADLM field’s “leaders.”

    AUG – Dallas, 2014: Go2Group & Atlassian Together

    Since the start of 2014, two AUG meet ups have been successfully hosted at Dallas, TX. However, the recent one, hosted on May 22 has definitely turned out to be the special one. It was Atlassian and Go2Group together at the meet up, presenting about Confluence and sharing best practice techniques on Atlassian Tools.

    Cloud platform to build add-ons: Atlassian Connect 1.0

    With the new marketplace for OnDemand products, Atlassian announces a cloud platform for developing add-ons, particularly, for JIRA and confluence OnDemand.

    Did You Know? Go2Group FREE Products

    This week, I continue down the path of Go2Group Products, with a slight twist - Free products! Find out where you can find free products from Go2Group, along with where to download manuals and where to find support, by watching the video below.

    Free Plugins on Go2Group Labs

    Did you know about Go2Group Labs? It's a space on our support site that houses a growing list of free plugins developed by us. Did I say free? I meant to say:

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