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    11 Must-read DevOps Resources

    Ring in 2018 with brand new perspective. Whether you are getting started with your DevOps initiatives or are midway along the journey, you'll need context to everything that you are experimenting. Investing in comprehensive reading material written by DevOps gurus will yield long-term results.

    Optimize agile project management with ConnectALL 2.6.1 version release

    If you’re into agile methodology or DevOps practice, you're surely aware by now of the powerful VersionOne application. It is one of the most widely used, all-in-one enterprise solutions for software organizations scaling agile and DevOps. This being said, there are other tools like Atlassian JIRA that are also very popular. In fact, JIRA Software is the number one software tool used by agile teams. JIRA Software is a great offer, and today's teams are ready to experiment with different tools and pick the right one for their respective businesses. 

    ConnectALL and HPE ALM Octane, together, improves DevOps efficiency.

    Everyone knows DevOps is a culture that focuses on cross-functional collaboration in software development. In reality, most companies, no matter the industry, are not benefitting from DevOps practice. That’s because siloed systems and broken lines of communication still exist in the process, and teams are constantly struggling to collaborate on efforts while practicing agile methodologies for planning and development.  

    The death of waterfall has been slightly exaggerated

    Waterfall is not the enemy and agile is not a panacea

    Five scrum KPIs to maintain team accountability during a product release

    Since many software developers and QA testers employ some adaptation of the scrum methodology, today’s milestones tend to be in line with status updates (i.e., sprint planning, daily standup, sprint review, sprint retrospective, and backlog grooming). Certified scrum Master Robert Boyd insists that those milestones do not provide any guarantee of progress or success. As they stand, scrum metrics maintain neither individual nor team accountability.

    Atlassian declared ADLM “leader” alongside IBM and Microsoft in latest report by leading industry analyst firm

    A frequently cited report recently released by a leading industry analyst firm has named Atlassian, alongside industry stalwarts IBM and Microsoft, as one of the ADLM field’s “leaders.”

    Agile West 2014 – Go2Group and Atlassian Together

    Go2Group and Atlassian together rocked again at Agile West. The expert’s combination has always been a successful one in adding value to customers.

    Agile Project Management Webinar, Recap


    This Week In Go2Group Webinars


    How You Benefit From Rapid Deployment Cycles And Agile Testing - Webinar Recap


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