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    synapseRT 9.0

    Three Benefits of Upgrading to synapseRT 9.0

    Does your requirements management software fit your DevOps environment, making clear and expressive requirements practical? Is it capable of communication about changing requirements across the product and across the IT teams in your enterprise? There are hundreds of requirements management tools out there! What makes synapseRT 9.0 better than all of them?

    synapseRT 9.0 is a one-of-a-kind app designed for Atlassian Jira with both testing and requirements management capabilities. With synapseRT 9.0, you cut costs by not needing to purchase two separate tools as well as saving on the cost of integration. Go2Group launched synapseRT's newest version, 9.0, with three new powerful RM capabilities that eliminate miscommunication and misunderstanding among project team members in a software development lifecycle.

    The app, which is currently available on Jira Server, now has a requirement suite feature, which allows you to drop requirements issues in folders and subfolders; a versioning feature that allows a user to compare versions and either rollback or reconstruct requirements; and a baselining feature that enables you to keep track of changes made to your project over time.

    Let us quickly look at the three most important benefits of upgrading to 9.0:

    Easily manage changing requirements

    You don't have to worry about using requirements storage. All documents remain updated and synchronized with the automatic generation of requirements documents. You can even manage sets of requirements planned for different releases or related products, organize requirements in folders and subfolders, and reuse requirements in as many projects as necessary.

    Collaborate better across teams

    As a tester or developer you can easily communicate requirements changes across teams and collaborate better with internal stakeholders and service partners. You can manage the change history, record the arguments behind changes, and define baselines. synapseRT 9.0 also enables you to store proposed requirements that were rejected and deleted from a baseline. Quick communication results in increased productivity.

    Prevent project failures and save time and money

    The tracking of requirements statuses is carried out seamlessly, ensuring less chances for failure. You can catch errors early, increasing productivity and saving costs incurred due to failures. 

    synapseRT 9.0 enables quick and safe requirements management with complete traceability from requirements to bugs, and through the testing and development phases of your software. If you are new to synapseRT, you should make the most of our user guide to understand how the app will work in your environment. Find out more about the benefits of synapseRT 9.0.

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