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    What you missed from our exclusive event on Atlassian Software in San Jose, California

    Our first Atlassian Software event this year was held on July 21, at the Club Auto Sport in San Jose, California. We had an overwhelming response of 130+ Atlassian enthusiasts who registered for the event. Most of them made it, but for those who couldn't attend, this blog will fill you in and make you feel as if you had.  

    Bamboo 5.13 provides SSH authentication and makes deployment more flexible

    For Bamboo users who have asked for full control over deployment environments, agents, and configuration – your requests have been answered. The 5.13 release of Bamboo delivers the features most requested by Bamboo users.  

    Bitbucket Server 4.9 adds disaster recovery and other great features

    The latest update to Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center, Version 4.9, enables teams to implement new strategies for working with source code.  

    JIRA Service Desk 3.2 for servers – the smartest and fastest release yet!

    Customer experience and agent productivity have been significantly improved in the release of JIRA Service Desk 3.2 for servers. This new version provides many of the most frequently requested JIRA Service Desk enhancements. 

    JIRA 7.2 delivers the four most requested capabilities, and more

    Atlassian’s new version 7.2 release of JIRA software provides the four capabilities most requested by users. The new release enhances the functionality and features in JIRA. The new features were added in response to feedback and suggestions from JIRA users.  

    How to fix a Maven 3 error in Bamboo

    The latest release of Maven (version 3.3.x) causes Bamboo to generate an error.  

    The new version of Maven requires Java 7 of the JDK. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of JDK.

    New features in Bitbucket Server provide faster turnaround time and other benefits

    Delivering Git best practices and using the best management tools can provide developers with a competitive edge. Add in zero downtime backup, and that edge gets even sharper.  

    synapseRT NextGen 8.3 delivers the most requested enhancements

    The new version of synapseRT NextGen, version 8.3, delivers new features and improvements that you've been requesting. At Go2Group, we strive to regularly update our products to meet the customers' needs. In our latest version, released today (8/3/16), we've addressed many of our customers' requests.  

    The key features required in a good test management tool: Part 3 – test case execution

    Having effective test management tools, and properly implementing and managing them, is an essential component of application development. In part one of this series, I explored test case management and tree structures.  

    Atlassian Certified Professional JIRA Administrators keep things running smoothly

    JIRA is an extremely powerful tool, but getting the most out of it requires training and experience. To assure that JIRA Administrators have the required experience and knowledge to effectively administer JIRA in all scenarios, Atlassian has developed Atlassian Professional JIRA Administrator Certification. 

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