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    Atlassian User Group, San Diego

    We're adding a handful of events over the coming weeks to our schedule. Here's one for all you folks in Southern California...

    Did You Know? Go2Group Chat

    I thought I'd try something new. Once a week, or thereabouts, I'll put together a quick screencast describing a how-to and post it here.

    Go2Group synapseRT 2.3 - An Inside Look

    We did a test run this morning for Friday's webinar. It went great. We even had some clients on the line who provided some terrific feedback.

    Go2Group & Europe, Sitting in a Tree

    The end of the year is a busy one for events here at Go2Group.

    Who Are You? Meet Jobin, the Newest Go2Grouper!


    Attending Web 2.0 New York? (We Are!)

    We're taking the D train downtown to attend the Web 2.0 Expo in New York, October 10 - 13. We have plans to meet up with a few folks, and would love to chat with you while we're there.

    New York - Let's Meet Up!

    So, we're putting together a user group. Something informal, meeting at a pub, on the Upper West Side. Likely a Wednesday, and likely in the early / late afternoon. Likely in mid- to late-October. The topics will vary between Atlassian and Go2Group products / services.

    Go2Group synapseRT - The Webinar

    You've heard about the latest release of Go2Group synapseRT, and now you are hungry to learn more. But where to turn?

    Go2Group is Heading to AtlasCamp!

    We noted this last week on Twitter, and now we're making it more 'formal' - We're packing the Winnebago and heading west to attend AtlasCamp!

    Go2Group Releases Go2Group synapseRT 2.3


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