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    Lights, Camera, Go2Group synapseRT In Action!

    During our recent Go2Group synapseRT webinar, we had a handful of questions on a few additional pieces of functionality that we didn't cover in the webinar.

    AtlasCamp 2011 - That's A Wrap!

    While AtlasCamp 2011 is now in the rear-view mirror, the ideas and excitement will certainly carry with us for the coming months. We had a great time - The theme of 'hands-on' was put to great use. From grabbing folks in the corridor to talk about application links to how we can best build Go2Group synapseRT for JIRA 5.0, we were able to talk directly to Atlassian representatives (and the discussions went far beyond the initial response).

    AtlasCamp - Day Two

    If Day One was filled with meet & greets, Day Two was filled with so much information. Oh, and lots of fun.

    Did You Know? Go2Group Support!

    In the next episode, I talk about creating an issue in our online support site to help resolve a technical hiccup you are experiencing.

    AtlasCamp - Wish You Were Here!

    While AtlasCamp 'officially' kicks off today (Mike's keynote starts around 9am), yesterday included some early discussions and presentations, along with a terrific dinner.

    Go2Group CRM Plugin - v3.3.4 Update

    An update is now available for the Go2Group CRM Plugin. It's version 3.3.4 and includes bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

    Atlassian User Group, San Diego

    We're adding a handful of events over the coming weeks to our schedule. Here's one for all you folks in Southern California...

    Did You Know? Go2Group Chat

    I thought I'd try something new. Once a week, or thereabouts, I'll put together a quick screencast describing a how-to and post it here.

    Go2Group synapseRT 2.3 - An Inside Look

    We did a test run this morning for Friday's webinar. It went great. We even had some clients on the line who provided some terrific feedback.

    Go2Group & Europe, Sitting in a Tree

    The end of the year is a busy one for events here at Go2Group.

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