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    Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 Stresses Hybrid Integration Platforms as Key to Modernizing Organizations

    The IT industry is changing, and if you want to thrive, your organization has to change with it. This was reinforced at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 from which I’ve just returned.

    Here are a few thoughts about the event:

    At the keynote, Peter Sondergarrd, Executive VP at Gartner Research and Advisory said that "the imperative to drive digital value at scale" wasn’t necessarily a call to grow larger. According to Sondergarrd, even smaller organizations can compete with larger ones because of emerging capabilities for interconnected platforms and ecosystems.

    Leigh McMullin, VP of Gartner Research, and Tina Nuno, Research VP and Fellow at Gartner, explained that organizations must scale their legacy by embracing legacy technologies. They said that modernizing legacy applications can help an organization increase its scale. They also warned that combining legacy applications into a new digital platform could result in massive integrations on a massive scale.

    McMullin and Nuno noted that "the cost of value creation everywhere is integration everywhere." They described this as "the ability to integrate everything with everything – to quickly add and subtract ecosystem partners."

    Gartner’s speakers concluded by saying that, in order to accomplish "integration everywhere," organizations must implement a "Hybrid Integration Platform." Such a platform would be simple enough even for nontechnical users to implement.

    This was like music to my ears. It sounded as if the speakers were describing our ConnectALL Integration Platform.

    The ConnectALL Integration Platform is designed to quickly and easily implement the integration of dozens of the tools regularly used in an organization. With the ConnectALL Integration Platform, users can quickly and easily configure application integrations using ConnectALL and tool-specific adapters that automatically integrate with other supported products.

    ConnectALL users don’t have to learn to use other tools in order to communicate with such tools. For example, Jira can be used to manage projects. HPE ALM/Quality Center can communicate with Jira, and to the development tools used in the organization. Integrations can be added in minutes, and the complexities of integrating disparate tools can be avoided.

    During the symposium, I gave a ten minute "byte sized" presentation entitled, "Implementing a Rapid, Self-Service Integration Approach for your Digital Transformation at Scale." In this talk, I described the importance of fast integration of applications, data, partners, providers, clients, employees, and others into an organization’s processes. I explained how the ConnectALL Integration Platform can be considered a Hybrid Integration Platform.

    We enjoyed a stream of continuous, interested, visitors to our booth at the Symposium. They wanted to learn more about the ConnectALL Integration Platform, and you should too.

    For more information about the ConnectALL Integration Platform, or to request a demo, contact us.  

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    Maritess Cruz Sobejana

    Written by Maritess Cruz Sobejana

    Maritess helps Go2Group to get its product innovations to those who need them most. She is also the Managing Director of Go2Group’s subsidiary in Hong Kong, Go2Group Asia Limited. Maritess has extensive experience in business management, and software and product development. Her primary focus was on quality engineering and management. She recently served as the principal research analyst of IT at research and advisory firm, Gartner. Maritess was a director of business quality and project management for Philips Electronics in Hong Kong and Singapore. She also led business process improvement initiatives using Designs For Six Sigma (DFSS)

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