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    ConnectALL Integration Platform

    ConnectALL®: Trusted by Hundreds of Enterprises

    It’s official. ConnectALL® is now a registered trademark. Since its inception five years ago, our family of customers has grown substantially. Hundreds of enterprises like yours, across industries, have benefited from the ConnectALL Integration Platform.ConnectALL is a single application that unifies your DevOps tools, business applications, processes, and data for improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and accelerated software development. Companies such as Travelport, Air France, Medavie Blue Cross, and EFI use ConnectALL on a daily basis to simplify processes, integrate systems, and manage complex software development.

    The ConnectALL Integration Platform supports hundreds of applications and has a wide range of adapters suited for different needs, including Test Management, Change Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Configuration Management, Customer Relationship Management, Defect Management, Project Management, Quality Management, Release Management, Requirements Management, Service Management, Test Management, and Version Control Management.

    Our team has been continuously working on improving and customizing ConnectALL to help you with digital transformation, meet your business goals, and achieve superior customer experience. We help businesses with solutions for DevOps, Business Applications, and Analytics.

    If you are interested in being our Partner or you have an enterprise with a specific requirement, it is easy to get started.Learn more

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    Soumya Menon

    Written by Soumya Menon

    Marketing Communication and Content Manager at Go2Group, responsible for communication and content marketing strategy. For 11 years, I have assisted businesses in B2B and B2C industries in integrating content marketing into their marketing plans to achieve their business goals. I specialize in creating and developing content (in-bound and out-bound) across various online and offline channels from websites, blogs, and social media platforms to email marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing communication collateral.

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