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    Having had a hand in everything from development, support and infrastructure management; the chief firefighter is here to save the day! Currently focusing on Atlassian suite of tools and dabbling in all sorts of technologies.

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    Protect Your Atlassian Suite With Two-Factor Authenticator

    Are you using old authentication methods that make your account information vulnerable to security threats? Gain control over who can access your Atlassian tools with Go2Group's Two-Factor Authenticator app for your Atlassian Suite. 

    Good Habits of a Software Engineer

    I recently read a post on Quora about habits that can make you a better software engineer. 

    Here are three good habits that every software engineer should adopt:

    Easily Configure Smartcard Connections to Atlassian Apps

    In the past, it took a lot of work to set up systems that allow users to access Atlassian applications with a smartcard. Administrators who wanted to set up access for smartcard users had to tinker with property files or XML files – frankly, this was a pain.

    Atlassian Summit 2017: Day 1 Recap

    Atlassian Summit 2017, being held this week in San Jose, CA is a gathering of Atlassian users, Atlassian partners, the Atlassian team, and people interested in learning more about how Atlassian's products can help their organizations to function more effectively. The Summit officially started on Wednesday, September 13. However, on Monday evening, a Partner's reception was held, and on Tuesday, a special day for Atlassian partners was presented. Go2Group, Atlassian Platinum and Atlassian Enterprise partners, were at the Summit on both days. On Wednesday, September 13, we posted a blog about the events of the first two days.

    Docker Swarm on AWS

    Docker Swarm is Docker’s native clustering solution. It turns a group of Docker Engines into a single, virtual Docker engine using an API proxy system.  Here are some of the benefits of using Docker Swarm and advice on deploying a Docker Swarm into AWS.

    JIRA Software Data Center on AWS (Part two)

    In my previous blog, I discussed the benefits of AWS and the benefits of setting up JIRA Data Center on AWS. I also created our Stack on AWS CloudFormation. In this installment, I will continue this discussion and finish by talking about the JIRA installation.

    JIRA Software Data Center on AWS (part 1)

    Atlassian recently provided a Quick Start Guide with instructions on how to set up JIRA Software Data Center and Bitbucket Server Data Center on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The JIRA Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability, performance at scale, and instant scalability. In this blog, I will discuss the benefits of having JIRA Data Center on AWS and the steps needed to set up a JIRA Data Center instance on AWS.

    Concurrent editing in Confluence 6.0


    Collaborative Editing

    With Confluence 6.0 just around the corner, Atlassian has just released their first public milestone for Confluence 6.0.  

    Collaborative editing in Confluence has brought the tool to the heights of Google Docs.

    How to fix a Maven 3 error in Bamboo

    The latest release of Maven (version 3.3.x) causes Bamboo to generate an error.  

    The new version of Maven requires Java 7 of the JDK. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of JDK.

    Renewing your SSL certificate in a keystore

    Creating a new certificate for a Tomcat instance/server is pretty straightforward. For example, GoDaddy has a solid page to describe this (https://www.godaddy.com/help/generating-a-csr-and-installing-an-ssl-certificate-in-tomcat-4x5x6x7x-5239). 

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