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    Sharath Bhaskara has over eight years of experience in products in the eCommerce, HRMS, and Infrastructure domains. He has gained invaluable knowledge of end-to-end product delivery and maintenance from software development, testing, and support roles. He is an avid programmer and a technology enthusiast, and always explores ways of adapting new technologies and software paradigms in his day-to-day work.

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    Maximize Productivity with a Secure Integration Platform

    Integration solutions are essential to most enterprises because different teams use different tools. A good integration solution is crucial to the rapid, high-quality development that modern companies demand. Security is an essential element in the integration process where thousands of applications are communicating with each other. Every day new threats and vulnerabilities are created, and you'll find yourself racing against the clock to patch them. 

    What if your integration tool injects security vulnerabilities? What if your integration tool creates minor changes that make your applications less secure? What if your integration tool has security vulnerabilities of its own?

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