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    Doug Bass is a certified Atlassian consultant and trainer and a certified ScrumMaster. He is an experienced systems architect with experience in distributed application design, database architecture, network design, and project management. Author of the first relational database for military applications in the UK and the first java-internet based chat application, Doug teaches classes in object-oriented design. He holds a Masters Degree in Information Architecture. He is a consulting partner for Atlassian’s product suite, and architect of several of Go2Group’s products including the CRM Plugin (JIRA and Salesforce integration), JIRA/Perforce plugin, and ConnectALL (a multi-application synchronization solution). Doug contributes his free time to the United States Power Squadron where he teaches classes on safe boating.

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    Effective Tool Integration in ITSM can Boost Productivity - Part 2

    In part one of this two-part blog series, I discussed how the ConnectALL Integration Platform can enable communication between teams almost instantaneously – processes, data (like status, priority, and assignee data), dependencies between issues (like "this issue depends on this other issue being resolved first"), comments, and attachments can be shared across an organization. The ConnectALL Integration Platform can create an efficient collaboration mechanism. The Platform also reduces the number of licenses needed for an application (ConnectALL only needs one license per application synchronized), and users only have to be trained on one platform. They continue to use the tool they are used to without having to switch to another tool in order to do manual data entry.

    Effective Tool Integration in ITSM can Boost Productivity - Part 1

    ConnectALL Integrates Microsoft TFS and Project Server

    Microsoft no longer supports integration between Microsoft Project Server and Team Foundation Server 17 (TFS2017). For example, a project manager may want to have actual time logs from the TFS engineers automatically rolled into a Microsoft Project Plan – but TFS2017 and later versions no longer support this. Fortunately, ConnectALL does. 

    DevOps West attendees may have missed this...

    Those who attended the DevOps West conference earlier this month are either already involved in using DevOps, or they came to learn more about it. My presentation, called Achieving Digital Transformation Success: Rapidly Integrating Complex Applications and Multiple Teams, was for both groups. If you missed it, good news: it's available online (link below). Here's a recap:

    Project Management - Beyond the Obvious

    Why write a blog about project management anyway?

    You already know project management is important. Developers and managers are already using it as part of their DevOps or agile development platforms. Those who don’t know about the importance of project management probably don’t want or need to know.

    We'll Show You How to Achieve DevOps Success at DevOps West

    I'm giving a talk at DevOps West that might save a lot of development and operations jobs, and could help differentiate successful from less successful organizations.

    Is integration with DevOps tools the holy grail for Ranorex and Jama users?

    Although requirements management and test automation may seem to be almost completely different, with different requirements and different data requirements, both share one thing: the need for easy integration with the development tools they are designed to work with. Let's take a look at two scenarios that can bring this need into sharper focus:

    Cross-platform Data Analytics becomes easier

    Advanced analytics will play an integral role in application development, improving application quality and speed of delivery. The use of advanced analytics, combining data from multiple sources (development tools, management tools, and other application development tools), will become essential for assuring rapid, efficient and timely development of upgrades and new products.

    Custom Business Rules extend ConnectALL functionality

    "Fine tuning" the way ConnectALL integrates your company's development, quality control, and management apps can give your organization a competitive edge by boosting productivity, and delivering results that exactly match your integration needs. ConnectALL is designed to transparently integrate most popular development, quality control, and management applications.

    How to integrate Perforce and JIRA

    Perforce users often want a tool that can assist with managing bug reporting, tracing modifications to Perforce, and helping a quality assurance team track tickets and changes. JIRA is frequently the tool of choice for providing these capabilities; however, there is no tool within JIRA that natively performs these integrations. In this blog, we'll take a look at a few tools that provide these integration capabilities.

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