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    Atlassian Summit Europe 2017 - What You May Have Missed At The First Ever Atlassian User Conference In Europe

    If you weren't able to attend the Atlassian Summit Europe 2017, held early in May in Barcelona, you may have missed some important information. Here's a recap.

    Attended by more than 1800 attendees from 54 countries, Summit was an opportunity to learn about Atlassian's plans and new products, and to see first-hand how important Atlassian's products, and tools like Go2Group's ConnectALL, are to DevOps. 

    Key takeaways

    Atlassian product improvements

    Atlassian announced it is adding HipChat (a collaboration, chat, and sharing tool) and Crowd (an identity management tool) to its Data Center offerings. The current Atlassian Data Center deployment options support JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, and Bitbucket. 

    Additionally, Atlassian will be doubling the number of languages supported by JIRA and Confluence. 

    Atlassian is moving from a "one size fits all" approach to product deployment, and now will prioritize product features to most closely match different deployment needs.

    Atlassian plans design improvements to make their tools easier to use and improve collaboration:

    • Navigation will be streamlined; the JIRA user will "feel at home" when trying Confluence
    • "Search" and "Create" functionalities have been improved
    • New colors and fonts have been added
    • There will be a better user experience across all devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet

    New data center planned

    Atlassian will be opening a new data center in Ireland. The data center will serve Europe and reduce the latency experienced by European customers who currently rely on the data center based in the United States. 

    Go2Group at Atlassian Summit

    Go2Group exhibited software that enhances connectivity between teams by integrating disparate tools and data sets. 

    ConnectALL makes transparent connections between the many tools typically used in DevOps. It helps you achieve continuous delivery by removing manual steps when processes use multiple tools. 

    ConnectALL Insights streamlines analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) functions. It can access data from multiple tools and make them available for BI and analytics, speeding the acquisition of information so your executives, managers, and experts can make faster, more accurate decisions.

    Customer presentations

    Two ConnectALL customers presented reports on how ConnectALL has been of value to their businesses.

    Scottie Brimmer, Senior Application Administrator at Markel Corporation, detailed how ConnectALL connects her development and test teams. The integration between JIRA and HP Quality Center enables the teams to collaborate better and faster. 


    A second presentation, by Madhu Prakhya, Director of SQA at IGT Gaming, looked at how ConnectALL enables the company to integrate agile development tools in a heterogeneous environment. This global company is able to bridge a "gap" in corporate vocabularies (used by a variety of tools) and provides a one-to-many synchronization. He described ConnectALL as a cost-saving tool that provides integration, to enhance success, as each team uses the best tools for their needs and processes smoothly flow between tools and teams. 


    Learn more:

    For more information about ConnectALL and ConnectALL Insights, please contact us.

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