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    Is integration with DevOps tools the holy grail for Ranorex and Jama users?

    Although requirements management and test automation may seem to be almost completely different, with different requirements and different data requirements, both share one thing: the need for easy integration with the development tools they are designed to work with. Let's take a look at two scenarios that can bring this need into sharper focus:

    JIRA Development Cookbook - Third Edition is available now

    Users of JIRA 7.0, and others interested in discovering JIRA, can learn to use this powerful tool by reading the JIRA Development Cookbook – Third Edition. The book, written by Go2Group's Jobin Kuruvilla – an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner – explores a wide range of capabilities supported by JIRA 7. 

    Cross-platform Data Analytics becomes easier

    Advanced analytics will play an integral role in application development, improving application quality and speed of delivery. The use of advanced analytics, combining data from multiple sources (development tools, management tools, and other application development tools), will become essential for assuring rapid, efficient and timely development of upgrades and new products.

    JIRA Software Data Center on AWS (Part two)

    In my previous blog, I discussed the benefits of AWS and the benefits of setting up JIRA Data Center on AWS. I also created our Stack on AWS CloudFormation. In this installment, I will continue this discussion and finish by talking about the JIRA installation.

    JIRA Software Data Center on AWS (part 1)

    Atlassian recently provided a Quick Start Guide with instructions on how to set up JIRA Software Data Center and Bitbucket Server Data Center on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The JIRA Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability, performance at scale, and instant scalability. In this blog, I will discuss the benefits of having JIRA Data Center on AWS and the steps needed to set up a JIRA Data Center instance on AWS.

    synapseRT NextGen 8.5 is out now!


    Software Testing Magazine contributor prefers synapseRT add-on

    Software testing is an important component in software development. It is difficult to efficiently develop new software without effective testing. JIRA  one of the most popular tools for agile product development  helps development teams easily manage requirements, bugs, and tasks. 

    Optimize agile project management with ConnectALL 2.6.1 version release

    If you’re into agile methodology or DevOps practice, you're surely aware by now of the powerful VersionOne application. It is one of the most widely used, all-in-one enterprise solutions for software organizations scaling agile and DevOps. This being said, there are other tools like Atlassian JIRA that are also very popular. In fact, JIRA Software is the number one software tool used by agile teams. JIRA Software is a great offer, and today's teams are ready to experiment with different tools and pick the right one for their respective businesses. 

    ConnectALL 2.6 released: Zendesk integration, Common adapter for VSTS and MS TFS15, Database integration, and more!

    We take our customer feedback very seriously. Since the last release, the ConnectALL team has been hard at work developing new features based on customer requests and improving the product to be as customizable as possible. In the latest release, 2.6, the team packed some new application adapters that support IT service management and integration of agile tools with ERP systems. Let’s have a look what’s new in this version!  

    Tune-up JIRA, avoid duplicates, and efficiently manage your IT support projects

    This post is written by Nicolas Simon, Support Product Engineer at Valiantys.

    Nicolas SIMON is a french Support Product Engineer at Valiantys based in Montreal. After a few years in Toulouse as a software developer, he decided to move to the exciting city of Montreal. When he is not helping Valiantys Software customers use their add-ons to the fullest, you can find him playing a wide range of music instruments and trying new dishes in Montreal restaurants. 

    Since 2010, Valiantys Software has enhanced the Atlassian platform with amazing add-ons that help you leverage data and smoothen end-user experience. With nFeed, Exocet and Spreadsheets, we've helped over 1,200 enterprises extend their JIRA and Confluence capabilities, including Airbus, Apple, BBC, Ingenico, Nike, Oracle, Walmart and Walt Disney. You can find all of our add-ons on the Atlassian Marketplace.

    To find out more, visit software.valiantys.com

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