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    Migration and integration: Part three – migration and integration

    In the first two blogs in this series, we discussed application migration and application integration, and provided some useful links that offered more information about both topics. 

    Migration and integration: Part two – integration

    Organizations often use a variety of different development, quality testing, support, and management tools. Although these tools probably serve individual departments well for what they are designed to do, coordinating efforts across tools and departments can be a tremendous challenge.  

    New features in Bitbucket Server provide faster turnaround time and other benefits

    Delivering Git best practices and using the best management tools can provide developers with a competitive edge. Add in zero downtime backup, and that edge gets even sharper.  

    Migration and Integration – Part One – Migration

    Migration is a topic that has been much discussed recently. In general terms, populations are migrating from distressed areas where their lives are often in danger, to more hospitable and safe countries. In most cases, they leave nearly all that they own, bringing only what is of most value to them.  

    synapseRT NextGen 8.3 delivers the most requested enhancements

    The new version of synapseRT NextGen, version 8.3, delivers new features and improvements that you've been requesting. At Go2Group, we strive to regularly update our products to meet the customers' needs. In our latest version, released today (8/3/16), we've addressed many of our customers' requests.  

    The key features required in a good test management tool: Part 3 – test case execution

    Having effective test management tools, and properly implementing and managing them, is an essential component of application development. In part one of this series, I explored test case management and tree structures.  

    Atlassian Certified Professional JIRA Administrators keep things running smoothly

    JIRA is an extremely powerful tool, but getting the most out of it requires training and experience. To assure that JIRA Administrators have the required experience and knowledge to effectively administer JIRA in all scenarios, Atlassian has developed Atlassian Professional JIRA Administrator Certification. 

    Integration of development tools in software development using ConnectALL

    Today, if you are working in the software development team of a large enterprise, you've encountered the complexity of dealing with multiple ALM systems. Every team has a purpose-built system for their discipline, and finding one system to deliver all functionality is nearly impossible. Over the ages, the variety of tools have only increased, and distributed teams prefer to use their favorite tools. This causes gaps in communication and disrupts critical business processes in the software development lifecycle. The only possible way to bring all involved teams and their systems together is with a simplified integration platform that can remotely access application servers and integrate essential data without hampering performance. For those who are exploring, ConnectALL is the new generation ALM Router that can help you deal with integration complexity. It provides strong collaboration between your applications, so your users don’t have to switch systems to execute a task. You can learn more about the ConnectALL ALM Router here.   

    How to install a Bamboo Remote Agent in Windows

    Developers have been using Bamboo Remote Agents for Linux for many years. A Remote Agent for Bamboo is now available for Windows, making Bamboo's features available for Windows users.

    Although installing the Bamboo Remote Agent in Windows is similar to installation on Linux systems, it's important to know all the steps required to ensure a smooth Windows setup.

    Custom Business Rules extend ConnectALL functionality

    "Fine tuning" the way ConnectALL integrates your company's development, quality control, and management apps can give your organization a competitive edge by boosting productivity, and delivering results that exactly match your integration needs. ConnectALL is designed to transparently integrate most popular development, quality control, and management applications.

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